Vetfield Animal Hospital

My friend's friend was totally scammed by Vetfield Animal Hospital in Sunrise Florida last year and when he made a website to caution the public not to go there out of fear they will be ripped off too the doctor had his kid who is about 10 minutes out of law school and who has a two-bit homemade website for his little law practice -- and who has never argued a defamation case ever in his entire life -- file a frivolous complaint not only against my friend, but against his friend who he made the website to protect, and the friend's friend's company, so just to be clear, if you go to Vetfield Animal Hospital in Sunrise Florida and see a sleazy doctor named Mustafa Saleh and you are ripped off, lied to, or deceived, just be warned that the doctor's kid will likely file an idiotic complaint against you too for libel and slander and simply telling the truth!!

Corruption in our society must be exposed, and lying, thieving medical practitioners must be held accountable publicly for their actions so if you believe that please join me in teaching a lesson to Mustafa Saleh that he should not be able to get away with theft and that he should either retire, shut down his disgusting, despicable veterinary practice, or drastically change his ways of doing business and apologise to every customer he has ever ripped off, conned, deceived, or stolen from, all in the name of a fast dollar because the pathetic part of this entire ordeal is that Mustafa Saleh stole a grand total of $55 from my friend's friend and meanwhile the stupid idiot doctor could have just charged him the agreed upon price and had a new client for life which shows you how dopey Mustafa Saleh really is.

Now, he has spent, err, wasted is more like it, $400 to sue my friend and he'll have to spend another $400 to sue me for making this website and then he'll have to spend $400 more to sue my girlfriend when she makes her "Mustafa Saleh Steals" website and on and on and on for all eternity until Mustafa Saleh has no more checks for $400 to write to the Broward County Clerk Of Courts or issues a formal apology to my friend's friend and returns the money he stole from him. Hmm. So return $55 or keep writing $400 checks EVERY DAY of the rest of his natural life to file moronic, petty, baseless lawsuits.

The best part of this entire ordeal is that my friend's friend has printed the quote of the procedure for which he visited Mustafa Saleh plus the actual receipt that he was ultimately charged which shows the double-billing plain as day plus the promotional flyer with the exact cost of the procedure plus a crystal-clear digital audio recording of his explaining the billing problem to the doctor and the doctor refusing to answer basic questions about the practice or confirming that he is the owner of the Vetfield Animal Hospital, totally looking like a worthless coward with lots and lots to hide.

Mustafa Saleh is going to be completed embarrassed and humiliated and further shamed if the lawsuit against my friend ever makes it to trial in the Broward County court system and this little piece of wretched filth will be further exposed, too, because my friend has tons of friends in the local media like TV stations and newspapers who would love to do this story where a regular citizen stands up and exerts his Constitutionally protected rights and doesn't back down in the face of a lawsuit by a rookie lawyer that is intended to do nothing more than intimidate an honest, hard-working client.